Thursday, September 25, 2008

Nike Cup European Junior Club Championship

After winning Nike Cup Spain we qualified for the European tournament. As son as we arrived we were take to a hall with all the players. The top European teams were all there, AC Milan, Juventus, Man. Utd....... One of the things that most caught my eye was the Nike video, we were amazed when Juninho appeared and wished us luck.

As far as the tournament itself, it was hard-fought.. We were winning games and getting through rounds, we knocked out Real Madrid 2-0 in the semis and got to the final against Reginna, which we won with a goal from Molinero. That was the first big medal I won. After the tournament my name started to come out in the press, I’ve still got some copies at home, and offers started to come in, for example one from Arsenal. So I started to get to know top-level football, and even though the moment passed quickly it was good, something to enjoy.

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